Monday, November 2, 2015



"2016 is fast approaching, this brings us to almost the end of our 2015 business year"...

New dynamics have filtered into our current engineering systems to assist with the fundamental applications of our trailer designs. We look forward to the business year 2016 exposing our fascinating new trends.

Our sales teams are in the business of reaching you where you are. Our engineering team is looking to development what matters to you most. A new analysis of future automotive demand in Africa, released in London by the IHS research group on Monday, suggests there exist significant growth opportunities on the continent over the next number of years. 

Demand for new light vehicles, with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of up to six tons, has consistently reached more than 1.6-million units a year since 2012, and is forecast to grow to almost 2.7-million units a year by 2027,  For medium and heavy trucks and buses, volume is forecast to almost double between 2012 and 2027

This fact allows us to believe that the business in automotive is growing at a pace superseding our expectations. For Route Management (Pty) Ltd this is good news, we are able to practice a growing service. 

While economic development is driven by agricultural exports, mining, investment in infrastructure and foreign direct investment, regional integration is seeing a positive evolution in trade relationships. 

We allow ourselves each year to better our services and open certain doors to our clients to know more about your business.  Key automotive specific factors are fueling this growth as well – including the fact that several African governments, led by South Africa and followed by countries in North Africa, are implementing automotive industry development plans in an attempt to spur on employment and economic expansion. 

Also, the majority of African countries are looking to restrict or ban used vehicle imports of a certain age, especially vehicles that fail to pass basic safety and environmental standards tests. This development is expected to result in significant opportunity for new-vehicle sales in the region, states the IHS report. 

" Let Route Management take you further for longer"



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