Friday, September 19, 2014



With 2015 around the corner, yes! You read correctly. The year is already so far gone. We have become goal orientated this 2014 to achieve those new ideas set at the beginning of the year-"new years resolutions".

The question is, have you achieved those goals thus far or not? Have you worked hard enough to make a statement like " I HAVE MADE IT'. 

3 more months left of the year. Have you: 
  1. Become the person you want to be this year? 
  2. Motivated yourself by motivating others?
  3. Donated time to tasks to the benefit of others?    
  4. Become a more balanced person?
  5. Trusted in God to provide for your needs?
  6. Sold 100 trailers?
  7. Bought 100 trailers?
  8. Worked overtime?
  9. Financially assisted someone in need? and the most important...
  10. Discover new ideas for the transporting sector
The above is a list of 10 but there sure is a lot more to choose from. Motivation is the feeling we at Route Management (Pty) Ltd would like to use to assist clients to achieve their goals and measure up to their standards. In competitive business structures many have failed due to the fact that motivation was an idea and not a daily practical exercise.  Be motivated with Route, the only company keeping you on the road. 



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