Thursday, September 25, 2014


Trailers in your yard

Considering a large tree known as brassica nigra from the smallest seed- a mustard seed together with its compositions and all other elements involved in producing an overwhelmingly new experience to the eye. 

Captivating the smaller ideas to produce and encourage larger uniquely composed ideas. This have been the foundation in the line of work Route Management (Pty) Ltd is doing. A considerable amount of effort have been used to create what you need when you need it. 

Thanks to a dedicated work force, the empowerment is beyond electrifying!

Meet us online
With our online facilities there to keep tabs on the latest in our group, we encourage you to get in line with what's online. Henred Fruehauf keeps you sober.

Summer 2014
This summer can be yours at a low price. Contact Us: Henred Fruehauf for what you want when you want it.

SA Truckbodies 
The toughest trailers in Africa



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